“A Love of America”

Jordan is a nineteen-year-old college student. His parents immigrated to the United States from the Philippines, and he grew up in Florida and California. Below are his thoughts on being an American:

On why he is a good citizen:

I’d like to think that I am. I feel like by other people’s standards I might not be. But by my standards, I am. Because I really appreciate being in the United States. I love this country. There’s nothing I do in particular, but I do feel like I live like I love the United States. I am out here trying to get an education, which, living off financial aid and getting an education, is a pretty American thing.

On why his neighbor is a good citizen:

My neighbor has taken advantage of everything that this country has to offer. He has moved across the United States to get an education. He’s taking advantage of the freedom that this country offers, too.

On why his dad exemplifies what it means to be a good citizen:

I think my father. His entire dream was to move from the Philipines to the United States. He’ll try to discredit that and try to say that it’s not a very strong dream. But it is, because the United States is amazing. It’s a beautiful thing, moving here to pursue a new life.

On what it takes for us to all be good citizens:

I would think all you need to be a good citizen is a belief in America and a love of America.

On why he thinks people of the other political party don’t think he’s a good citizen, even though he thinks they are good citizens:

I don’t think that [people of the opposite political party] would say I am a good citizen because I am not sure how open-minded people are. But I live in an echo chamber, so I’m not sure what people would say. I still don’t think they’d say I am a good citizen.

On what it means to be an American:

Freedom. Just taking advantage of whatever this country has to offer you. If you want to go to college, you can do that. Or if you want to stay home, you can do that. It’s just taking advantage of the freedom to do whatever you want.

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