As promised, I wanted to publish the political leanings of the four people whose interviews I posted.

Interview 1: Sherry, a counselor, talked about the importance of Christ and listening. She voted for Hilary Clinton and goes back and forth between voting for Republicans and Democrats.

Interview 2: Rick, a veteran and volunteer at Granger Community Church, focused on the importance of being a good neighbor and his skepticism about the media. He voted for Donald Trump.

Interview 3: Jon, a former head of school and current member of the ministry, discussed the importance of charity and reckoning with our history. He voted for Donald Trump.

Interview 4: This person didn’t want to be named because she doesn’t reveal her political leanings to her friends. She emphasized that we need to be open to compromise. Although she’s a lifelong Republican, she refused to vote in this election.



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“We, as the voters and people, we need to get the politicians who are doing the wrong things (making back deals, taking money) out of office, and keep them out. We can’t keep voting for these senators over and over again and keep wondering why nothing is changing. We have to initiate change if we want change to happen.”

Jessica, Nanny




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