Mishawaka Interview Political Leanings

As promised, I wanted to publish the political leanings of the four people whose interviews I posted.

Interview 1: Sherry, a counselor, talked about the importance of Christ and listening. She voted for Hilary Clinton and goes back and forth between voting for Republicans and Democrats.

Interview 2: Rick, a veteran and volunteer at Granger Community Church, focused on the importance of being a good neighbor and his skepticism about the media. He voted for Donald Trump.

Interview 3: Jon, a former head of school and current member of the ministry, discussed the importance of charity and reckoning with our history. He voted for Donald Trump.

Interview 4: This person didn’t want to be named because she doesn’t reveal her political leanings to her friends. She emphasized that we need to be open to compromise. Although she’s a lifelong Republican, she refused to vote in this election.



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