God’s Plan

Terri is the owner of a Christian candle shop in Waukesha, WI. Our interview covered the importance of God’s plan and listening.

How she’s involved in her community:

I work a lot with the non-profits. I’m on the downtown Waukesha Business Foundation and am involved with the Waukesha Farmer’s Market. Also, I serve on a committee that plans family friendly events.

God has impacted her as a citizen:

I do believe that the Bible is the true, inspired word of God. I try to live according to what God tells us. That relationship with God adds a dimension to things. It requires me to have patience, to be a good listener. The biggest part of communication is listening and not judging others. I try to do that, to understand other people’s life experiences. God makes you look at things in a different way. It’s not about me. It’s about something bigger than me.

She thinks the country’s biggest division is that we won’t compromise:

The biggest problem is that people aren’t willing to even try to work together. That means compromise. That means not getting everything you want. And that’s okay! The attitude of “I’m going to make this decision to feel a certain way” doesn’t accomplish anything. The whole meld together and come together thing doesn’t work if you stand apart from someone because they’re different.

What she thinks people misunderstand about Trump voters:

I think a lot of people think that Trump voters are for the wealthy and don’t care about helping others. I’m not a rich person. I struggle every day.

Her thoughts on Trump:

No one in this country becomes president unless God allows it. It’s not the man Donald Trump I’m trusting, it’s the man upstairs I am trusting. All throughout the bible, God used evil leaders for a plan. I’m trusting there’s a purpose and a plan. God definitely doesn’t agree with everything Trump does. I’m not happy with everything Donald Trump says or does – please! He does deserve respect, if you love him or hate him. I ask, “What will God accomplish through this presidency?” That’s what keeps me going.

How both side should handle the frustration about Trump’s victory:

There was a lot of anger when he was elected. The day after the election, there was a prayer meeting. I told my group that we need to pray for people who didn’t vote for Trump. I said, “They are upset, they’re angry. We have to take that seriously. We can’t be judging them or saying, ha-ha we won. We need to sit down and talk with them and ask, ‘Why are you upset?'”

But that goes the other way, too. Democrats can’t say, “We hate Donald Trump and, therefore, hate all of his supporters, and we won’t talk to them.”

On what voters need to be able to do:

I think that so many high schoolers will just follow mom and dad. Search out political questions for yourself. Be able to answer for yourself, “Why am I voting for this person?” Do the research. Students need to know what they want for our country.

Her thoughts on freedom:

I feel very blessed to be an American. It means freedom – freedom to choose, freedom of religion, freedom of speech.

But freedom isn’t free. We have so many freedoms and privileges, and so many people take those things for granted. People don’t realize how we have those freedoms and the sacrifices that are made. We need to fight for them everyday.

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