A Supportive Citizen

Troy is a journalist who lives in D.C. and New York. His compassion for others was incredible and humbling. I thought everyone would benefit from reading about it.

On why he’s a good citizen:

I think I’m a good citizen. I actually help others, and I do my part to make this world a better place. For example, I was just with a client who’s elderly, and I help her manage her life. I help her stay on track. She’s a recent widow, and her husband used to do a lot of the organizational things. Now, I’m in that place, helping her out.

His thoughts on the importance of support:

Support is the key to being a good citizen. Everyone, at some point in time, needs a helping hand, and if we can do something to help somebody along the way, then we should (without expecting anything in return).

What he thinks all Americans need to know about:

We need to know about climate change. It makes a drastic difference; even things that have happened this past week (in the case of American Harvey).

Homelessness is also a huge problem. The rate is incredibly high right now. And some people are a few paychecks away from being homeless as well.

We also all need to know that there are good people in this world. There is a lot of stuff on social media that isn’t good that makes it seem otherwise.

On what makes us Americans:

Living the dream. Being responsible. And taking care of others who are in need. That should be the base for being an American.

How we can all be better Americans:

Help someone along the way. Whether it’s a homeless person, a coworker, a friend, do something different or try something new, to help others.


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